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ENG261 15023 TR Syllabus F11 Schorner

ENG261 15023 TR Syllabus F11 Schorner - 1 ENG 261...

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1 ENG 261: FOUNDATIONS OF LANGUAGE STUDY Semester: Fall 2011 Section: 01 Course Code: 15023 Credit Hours: 3 Meeting Days and Times: Place: 161 Lake Huron Hall Instructor: Benedikt Schorner Email: [email protected] Office: 222 Lake Huron Hall Office Hours: Office Phone: (616) 331-3159 Course Start Date: 8/30/2011 Final Assessment Date and Time: 12/14/2011; 12:00 P.M. – 1:50 P.M. Last Day to Withdraw from Course: 10/28/2011 Required Textbooks Title: How English Works: A Linguistic Introduction, 3 rd edition Authors: Anne Curzan and Michael Adams Publisher: Pearson ISBN Nr: 978-0205032280 Title: Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics, 10 th edition Author: Ohio State University OSU Department of Linguistics Publisher: UCP ISBN Nr: 978-0814251638 Course Description An introduction to the principles of linguistics and linguistic analysis, with a focus on the structure and use of English. Coverage includes phonology, morphology, syntax, descriptive and prescriptive grammar, language history, and language variation. Prerequisite for 300/400 level English courses in applied linguistics. Learning Goals Develop an understanding of the use and structure of the English language. Acquire a working knowledge of linguistic vocabulary and principles. Dismiss common myths about language and language use. Question beliefs of language quality, standards, and correctness. Create a foundation for further study of language and linguistics. Develop an appreciation for language and linguistics. Disability Support Service (DSS) Students with disabilities have the first responsibility to report their needs to the faculty in a timely manner as faculty are not required to anticipate special student needs. A student with disability should first: Self identify concerning disability status to DSS in a timely manner. Revised 9/21/2011
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2 Provide disability documentation that is not more than five years old. Request necessary accommodations from DSS. A student who has thus identified him/herself with DSS and has requested written documentation to professors must present a memo from the DSS to the professor stating requested classroom accommodations. If eligible for alternative testing (extended time and/or alternative format), the student is responsible for providing the professor with a Test Accommodation Form to be filled out each time an exam is to be taken through DSS or if a DSS proctor is requested. Students may contact their advisor or go to the DSS website at http://www.gvsu.edu/dss/responsibilities-of-students-17.htm more information. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
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ENG261 15023 TR Syllabus F11 Schorner - 1 ENG 261...

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