101 syllabus f11 - PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Fall...

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PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Fall, 2011 Instructor : Bradley Morris, Ph.D. Office : 2129 Au Sable Hall Phone : 1-8514 Email : [email protected] Office Hours : M W 10-11, 12-1 or by appointment Required Texts : King, L. A. (2011). The Science of Psychology (2 nd ed). New York: McGraw Hill. Course Objectives This course is designed to provide a survey of the discipline of psychology. The course is organized by topical areas (such as developmental, cognitive, social, and clinical psychology). Students should learn: (a) general theories and methods of psychology, (b) topical areas, and (c) to apply these findings in practical applications. Course Requirements (more detail is available at the blackboard site) Attend each action packed class Three exams- 100 points each In-class assignments- 50 points Enrichment activities (see below)- 40 points o 10 per hour of participation; 10 per summary Grading scale A = 93-100% A- = 90-92% B+ = 87-89% B = 83-86% B- = 80-82% C+ = 77-79% C = 73-76% C- = 70-72% D+ = 66-69% D = 61-65% F = 60% or lower Attendance/Assignment Policy I will not check attendance but I expect you to attend all class meetings. You are responsible for all class related information (i.e., changes in class schedule). Absences must be excused BEFORE due dates/ exam dates. Late assignments will be penalized 10% per day late. Failure to notify me before missing an exam will result in a zero on the exam. Make-up exams will be essay in nature and scheduled by the instructor. I reserve the right to refuse to accept late assignments or to provide make-up exams. In-class assignments cannot be made up. In-Class Assignments In-class assignments are unannounced activities that will ask individuals or groups to reflect on various issues from your assigned readings. These activities are structured to provide more
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information on various topics, issues, and applications in psychology. In-class assignments cannot be made up. Enrichment Activities As a part of an enriched academic experience, you are required to participate in four (4) hours of psychology studies or alternative activities (see attached). Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty Please refer to Grand Valley Student Code, Sections 223.00 and 223.001, which states that “… offering the work of someone else as one’s own is plagiarism.” This includes “…isolated sentences, or paragraphs to entire passages…or the writings of other students.” Final note This course is intended to examine critical issues in psychology and may include controversial or uncomfortable subjects. Please follow email etiquette when contacting the instructor: o Allow for brief answers (~1 paragraph) and be respectful in correspondence The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the schedule where necessary. Please turn off all phones or any other devices that will distract other students. Do not
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101 syllabus f11 - PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Fall...

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