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PSY 101- Exam 1 Review Sheet Wundt and the structuralists James and the functionalists Behaviorists (Watson, Skinner) Psychoanalists (Frued) Humanists Cognitive Psychologists Evolutionary Psychologists Know historical progression and core beliefs of each What constitutes a theory? Data collection techniques Case studies Replication Placebo effect Sample v. Population Correlational Strength and direction of correlations Nature of relationships between variables in Correlational study Experimental Experimental v. control groups Operational definitions Independent v. dependent variables Random assignment Sampling and randomizing Single v. double blind designs Causal inferences Biology of behavior Neural structures and their functions Glial cells Neurons (Axon, Dendrite, Soma) Action potentials Myelin Postsynaptic potential All-or-nothing v. summed potentials
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Unformatted text preview: Neurotransmitters and their functions Dopamine Endorphins Seratonin ACh Agonist v. antagonist Sympathetic v. Parasympathetic nervous system Endocrine system (Hormones) Brain structures-functions Limbic system Hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain Medulla Cerebellum Prefrontal cortex Brocas / Wernickes area Hypothalamus Thalamus Occipital lobe Parietal lobe Temporal lobe Frontal Lobe Development Periods of Prenatal Development Habituation Dishabituation Infant Learning Mechanisms Approximate vs. exact quantity Continuity between species Piagets stages Piaget cognitive mechanisms Object Permanence Conservation tasks Information processing What changes with development? Strategies Processing speed & Capacity Gender Differences Attachment Classifications...
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