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Chapter 3 notes - differentiate very similar products by...

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Chapter 3 Mission statement: which sets out the organizations basic purpose for being - good mission statement should focus on a few key goals rather than embracing everything. Competitive environment: affects the number and types of competitors the marketing manager must face and how they behave. -marketing managers cant just adopt the same good marketing strategy being used by other firms. Competitor free: break through opportunities Monopolistic competition: marketing managers sometimes try to
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Unformatted text preview: differentiate very similar products by relying on other elements of the marketing mix.-avoid head on competition is to find new or new or better ways to satisfy customers needs and provide value-competitor analysis: an organized approach for evaluating the strengths and weakness o current or potential competitors marketing strategies-initially step in competitor analysis is to identify potential competitors. Competitive Rivals: firms that will be the closest competitors ....
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