10 innovations - production-go to mexico 6 off shoring 7 supply chaining walmart putting lots of jobs for unskilled folks 8 insource 9 informing

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10 innovations that flattened the world. 1. 11/9/89: berlin wall fell, whole world opened up to capitalism -soviet union fel CAPITALISM came into play (amoral) -China slowly opened up 2. 8/9/95 Net scape went public - project that wants to put together, skills (software) 3. workflow software 4. open sourcing: linux first one to open 5. outsourcing. Capitalist response to increase cost and decrease
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Unformatted text preview: production -go to mexico 6. off shoring 7. supply chaining- walmart, putting lots of jobs for unskilled folks. 8. insource 9. informing- internet is about information, 10.technology steroids virtual organizations getting the job done, doesn’t matter what they look like. Job is getting done and software is working properly...
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