Assignment 2 Solutions - d Order delivered to customer...

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Assignment 2 Solutions Project Manual: Project 3.2, Part A: Case #1 only. Read the description of the online grocer. Identify and  list the following  items 1. User/Owner –  Any one of the following  a. Owner of online grocery store b. Customer c. Employees filling order 2. Entities with identifiers any four a. Vendor, Vendor-id b. Employee,  Employee-id c. Inventory or Product, Inventory-id or Product-id d. Warehouse, Warehouse-id  e. Delivery, Delivery-id f. Customer, Customer-id g. Order, Order-id 3. Business Rule(s) – Customer has to live within 50 miles  of a delivery warehouse 4. Process(es) any three of the following a. Order products b. Customer creates order online c. Order filled in warehouse
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Unformatted text preview: d. Order delivered to customer Textbook: 1. Page 99-100, Summary Questions answers 2 D 3 B 4 A 5 C 8 C 2. Applying This Chapter, Page 103 Creating a Data Model . Using Visio, create an ERD for Lucky Rent-A-Car . Draw and name each entity, include the attributes for each entity, and include the lines to connect each entity to its related entities (relationships). For this problem, use lines only for relationships--not necessary to include cardinality / modality. Since cardinality was not required, arrows would be enough and foreign keys are also not required...
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Assignment 2 Solutions - d Order delivered to customer...

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