Assignment 6 - CustomerZipCode nchar (5) NOT NULL,...

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Kristina Lister CGS 2545 00:00:22 Assignment 6 CREATE TABLEdbo.Customer (Customer ID int (1000) PRIMARY KEY, CustomerLastName nvarchar (20) NOT NULL, CustomerFirstName nvarchar (20) NOT NULL, CustomerStreet nvarchar(50) NOT NULL, CustomerCity nvarchar(30) NOT NULL, CustomerState nchar (5) NOT NULL,
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Unformatted text preview: CustomerZipCode nchar (5) NOT NULL, CustomerCreditLimit nchar (5) NOT NULL, CustomerCurrentBalance nchar (5) NOT NULL, CallFromCustomerID int(1000) REFERENCES dbo.CallInformation SaleId nchar (10) REFERENCES dbo.Sale(SaleId))...
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