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Assignment 7 Attached Files: GeneralHardware_log_new.ldf (1 MB) GeneralHardware_new.mdf (2 MB) Course Material: 1. Read Chapter 6 Understanding the SQL Language, pages 192-213 in textbook to get an overview of concepts and terminology. 2. (Overview) Review SQL Overview and SQL Select Notes 3. (Resources) View SQL Tutorial . Most slides contain additional notes and explanation. 4. (Resources) Work examples in Sample SQL for Practice . 5. Read Chapter 7 Data Access and Manipulation in textbook to get an overview of concepts and terminology. 6. (Resources) Work examples in Advanced Query Practice . For each query listed below, give the SQL statements needed. You may wish to use SQL
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Unformatted text preview: Server and the textbook sample database Chapter 7 to write these queries so you can verify that they work. If you do not have access to this database, see page 227 in textbook for diagram of Chapter 7 Database. Queries can be written in a text editor using this diagram for field names. Project Manual, Project 7.2 Submit Part B: Queries 1-5 only Submit Part C: Queries 1, 2, 3, 6 only. Project Manual, Project 7.3 Submit Part A: Queries 1,2, 5 Download attached files for your queries. Go through instructions in Project Manual 7.2 on how to attach this database in SQL Server. When you view databases it will be called Chapter7...
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