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Assignment 8 Course Material: 1. Read Chapter 8 Improving Data Access in textbook to get an overview of concepts and terminology. 2. (Resources) View Data Access and Performance Tutorial. This is a PowerPoint presentation. Some additional notes are included with some slides for explanation. Create a Stored Procedure: Follow the steps below to create a stored procedure. Use the database for Chapter 8 in the Project Manual for this part of the assignment. Similar examples can be found on page 180 in Project Manual or page 286 in Textbook. 1. Launch SQL Server and expand the Chapter 8 database. If you have not installed it, you can use the Chapter 7 database for this part. Expand Tables heading. 2. Review the table information for the CustomerEmployee table. Note fields that allow Nulls, Identity columns, default constraints. 3. Run a query to view all the data in the CustomerEmployee table. Note values in CustNum fields. (CustNum is a foreign key in the CustomerEmployee table that references the primary key
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