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Multi User Issues Content MULTI-USER OVERVIEW This section of the course is concerned with " multi-user " issues--those issues that primarily pertain to Enterprise databases with multiple users and large amounts of data. Larger databases need people to handle the administrative duties of managing the company's data and its databases. Security, backup and recovery, and concurrency control (multiple users at the same time) become vital to the successful operation of the database. The database architecture is a critical component in determining the successful deployment and operation of the database. Topics include: Data and Database Administration roles and tasks Transactions Concurrency control and Locking Database Connectivity and Security Database Backup and Recovery Database Architecture Internet Issues Learning Objectives: After completing this module, you should be able to: Chapter 9: Justify the need for data and database administration Identify the tasks for which data administrators and database administrators are responsible Chapter 10: Describe the features of an ACID transaction Use BEGIN TRAN, COMMIT TRAN, and ROLLBACK TRAN to manage transaction processing Identify possible concurrency errors and their causes Design transactions to minimize concurrency errors Describe locking as a method of concurrency control Chapter 11: Describe database connectivity concepts and requirements Describe server and database security principals Describe the types of threats to a Database system and the basic methods of ensuring database security Incorporate access permissions into a database design Select appropriate physical data storage options Describe the components of a backup plan that addresses the what, when, where, and how of data backups Chapter 12: Describe centralized data configuration Design two-tier and three-tier data configurations Design distributed data configurations. Identify replication and table partitioning design requirements. Identify Internet performance issues.
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Identify Internet availability, scalability, security and privacy issues. Steps to Complete this module: (Entries in parentheses indicate headings in Table of Contents in this module.) The order listed is a suggestion--you may complete some steps before others. Refer to individual items or the course Schedule for specific due dates. Steps have been added for the Project and Test 3 as reminders since the project part 3 and test are due at the completion of this module. 1. Read Chapter 10 Transactions and Locking in the textbook to get an overview of concepts and terminology. 2.
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Multi User Issues 9-12 - Multi User Issues Content...

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