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Sample SQL Practice - Address(Person AddressID...

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Address (Person) AddressID AddressLine1 AddressLine2 City StateProvinceID PostalCode rowguid ModifiedDate EmployeeAddress (HumanResources) EmployeeID AddressID rowguid ModifiedDate Employee (HumanResources) EmployeeID NationalIDNumber ContactID LoginID ManagerID Title BirthDate MaritalStatus Gender HireDate SalariedFlag VacationHours SickLeaveHours CurrentFlag rowguid ModifiedDate Contact (Person) ContactID NameStyle Title FirstName MiddleName LastName Suffix EmailAddress EmailPromotion Phone PasswordHash PasswordSalt AdditionalContactInfo rowguid ModifiedDate EmployeePayHistory (HumanResources) EmployeeID RateChangeDate Rate PayFrequency ModifiedDate FIGURE 1 Tables from AdventureWorks database for reference in some sample queries.
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START: _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Start SQL Server Express and connect. 2. Expand Databases and then expand AdventureWorks Database. 3. Expand Tables under AdventureWorks database. 4. To create a query, click the New Query button on toolbar. Verify that AdventureWorks is selected as the database to use. See Figure 2. 5. To enter a query, type query text in new query pane. Results will appear in pane below query text. 6. When query is entered, click ! Execute button to run the query. 7. NOTE: **** in queries is my comment do not enter comments when you type query! FIGURE 2 DML EXAMPLE QUERIES: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE _______________________________________________ View Person. Address look at columns, constraints… Determine State code for Florida select StateProvinceID, Name ****Query returns StateProvinceID of 15 for Florida from Person.StateProvince **** 15 used in next query to insert row into table.
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