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Quiz%202%20solutions(1) - 3000m t 1500s 2m s = = The total...

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Student name________________________________________ Student ID__________________________________________ PHY 2053C_0001 Quiz, Jan. 26, 2011 1) A woman and her dog are out for a morning run to the river, which is 3.0 km away. The woman runs at 2.0 m/s in a straight line. The dog is unleashed and runs back and forth at 4.0 m/s between his owner and the river, until the woman reaches the river. What is the total distance run by the dog? Strategy: determine the total time of travel and muliply it by the dog’s speed. Total time of travel can be found by dividing sitance traveled by the woman by her speed:
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Unformatted text preview: 3000m t 1500s 2m / s = = The total distance run by the dog is: d 1500s 4m / s 6000m = × = 2) ( a) What is the magnitude of the average acceleration of a skier who, starting from rest, reaches a speed of 10.0 m/s when going down a slope for 5.0 s? ( b ) How far does the skier travel in this time? (a) The average acceleration is: 2 x 0 x v v 10m / s 0 a 2m / s t 5s--= = = (b) The distance traveled is the product of the average speed and time of travel: 0 x x v v 10m / s x t 5s 25m 2 2 + + = = =...
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