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P a g e | 1 Requirements Content Part 3: Requirements and Submission Information (see Schedule for due date) Part 3 Instructions document in module table of contents gives details on how to create the database, tables, and queries and how to submit the database. Please note that these instructions were written for SQL Server 2005, but are only slightly different for SQL Server 2008 . Requirements below list the general requirements. Use solution to Project Part 2 to create tables. 1. Use SQL Server to build a database. A list of required tables and queries is listed in the Part 3 Tables and Queries document in this section of this module. 2. Populate the tables with at least four rows/records in each table (three for the Department table). Make-up your own data to populate the tables based on your company information. Data should be selected to demonstrate the required outputs outlined in the queries. 3. Use an identity column for the primary key in each table, except for the tables created from the associative entities. 4. Implement the referential integrity (foreign key) constraints. Remember that the data type must be the same between a foreign key and its associated primary key. It is not necessary to implement any other constraints or indexes. 5. Create queries as described in the Part 3 Tables and Queries document in this section. Queries should be named according to this document. Queries must be saved as stored procedures. See Part 3 Instructions document (referenced above) for directions on how to save queries as stored procedures. Part 3 Instructions Content PROJECT PART 3 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Create a folder on your drive. Using any version of SQL Server, create a new database and save the database in the folder you just created. The database name should be your Company_lastName where lastName is your last name. See Project 5.3 (pgs. 84-85) in your Project Manual for an example of creating a database. Please do not name the database Project
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Real Project Part3 - Page | 1 Requirements Content Part 3...

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