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COP 3502 – Spring 2011 Exam #2 (Solutions) 4/1/2011 Lecturer: Jonathan Cazalas Name: ________________________ Instructor Comments on Exam: 228 students took the exam. Average Grade: 83. Literally, right on the dot, 100 students scored higher than a 90. GREAT JOB! One could argue that the exam was too easy, but then we must define easy. Easy is relative. This was certainly one of the most straightforward of all exams in ALL your classes this semester. Out of ten questions, you were informed that nine would be on the exam for sure. The only question that you were not informed of was #5, the tracing of stack code. So for the one who heeded that information and practiced/prepared accordingly, the exam should have felt easy. For the student who did not put in the required time investment, there still may have been a struggle. Length: not as many students complained about the length this time. However, it was again my attention to make an exam where the first person leaves around the 25 minute mark, and most stay till around 40 minutes. Basically, that’s how it went down. In conclusion, hopefully everyone feels this exam was fair, especially considering the thorough review that we had. There should have been no surprises. As such, one’s grade should be a reflection of your effort in preparation. If your grade wasn’t where you want it to be, make sure you practice more problems and prepare harder for the Final.
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1) (15 pts) Recurrence Relations. Solve the following recurrence relation: *Note: like one of the lab questions, after telescoping, you will end up with a sequence that you need to sum. You need to solve that summation in order to find the correct closed form.
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COP3502-Spr11-Exam2-solexp - COP 3502 Spring 2011 Exam #2...

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