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COP 3502 – Summer 2011 – Exam 2 Solutions (with Instructor comments) Exam 1 Comments: As discussed, Exam 2 material, for the most part, is mostly regurgitation. Ideally, this should translate to a very high average if students put forth the effort in simply practicing said problems. To offset this, and to address the possibility of students having old exams, I intentionally made (or so I thought) a couple of questions harder than normal. Result: didn’t matter! The average was still WAAAY high: 90.4! I digress; perhaps you, as a group, are just that much “better” than in previous semesters. Statistics: # of Exams Taken: 130 Time Stats: st student finished at the 20 minute mark 25 students finished with 15 minutes remaining (about 1/5 of class) 35 students finished with 10 minutes remaining (about 1/4 of class) Average Grade: 90.4 (which is a CRAZY HIGH average) # of Perfect Grades: 12 # of Grades >= 100: 33 # of Grades >= 90: 82 # of Grades >= 80: 107 So out of 130 students, 1/4 you got a 100 or better! Again, that’s crazy. To be honest, that is a problem. I know students don’t like to hear that, but such a high score must have an explanation: 1. Exam was too easy.?. I think the difficulty was perfect. The BST question was one of the harder ones and the “mystery” function question is a good one as well. 2. Too much regurgitation and not enough “thinking” questions.?. T his is the reality of Exam 2, and, unfortunately, being a reality, it probably won’t change much. EVERY Exam 2 will have Recurrence Relations, Infix/Postfix, Tree Traversals, and Sorting questions. Those are all standard affair, and the reality of said questions is that they are mere regurgitation for the student that prepared adequately. 3. Old exams being studied from.?. Maybe. But that is NOT a problem, just as studying from Foundation Exams (which I recommend) is not a problem. 4. Instructor is too awesome! Given. 5. Students are that much more awesome! Perhaps this is part of the winning explanation.?. Finally, regarding the length, again, I think it was fair, and, frankly, the average grade proves as much. Now to the solutions…
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1) (15 pts) Recurrence Relations. Solve the following recurrence relation: *** Note: in order to get full credit,
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COP3502-Sum11-Exam2-solexp - COP 3502 Summer 2011 Exam 2...

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