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Create Stored Procedure example - Parameters to see...

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Create a stored procedure to insert data into Product table (from Chapter 7 or 8) Note: QOO and QOH have default of 0, Description has default of To be added later. ProdNum, ProductName, UnitPrice are Not Null must supply values for these 1. In Query window, type following query. Note use of parameters with @ to indicate values that must be supplied.
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2. Click Execute button. If get errors, fix and re- execute. If no errors, continue… 3. Right click Programmability and select Refresh. You should see Add_Product procedure. Expand
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Unformatted text preview: Parameters to see @ProdNumber, @Desc, @UnitPrice. 4. Right click Add_Product and select Execute Stored Procedure. When window appears asking for data, enter values into table. 5. Click OK … “ Query Executed Successfully ” should appear at bottom of Execute pane. 6. Verify that new Product was added by running a Select query on Product table. 7. ALTERNATE method of executing procedure: In new Query window, enter following and press Execute to run. execute Add_Product '31235', 'Second product', 1.45...
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Create Stored Procedure example - Parameters to see...

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