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Lab2-LinkedLists - function should call malloc once for...

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Computer Science I – Summer 2011 Recitation #2: Linked Lists For each question use the following struct definition: struct ll { int data; struct ll* next; }; 1) Write a function that takes a pointer to the front of a linked list and changes the list by adding an integer n (passed in as a parameter) to each node of the list. void addN(struct ll* list, int n); 2) Write a function that deletes the first node in a linked list and returns a pointer to the new front of the list. If there are no items in the original list, NULL should be returned. struct ll* deleteFirst(struct ll* list); 3) Write a function that makes a copy of an input list and returns a pointer to it. Note: This
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Unformatted text preview: function should call malloc once for each node in the original list. struct ll* copy(struct ll* list); 4) p contains the elements 66, 9, 14, 52, 87, 14 and 17, in that order. Consider running the following line of code: p = question4(p); where question4 is the function defined below. Show the contents of p after the function call. struct ll* question4(struct ll *list) { struct ll* a = list; struct ll* b = list; struct ll* c; if (a == NULL) return NULL; while ( a->next != NULL) a = a ->next; a->next = b; c = b->next; b->next = NULL; return c; }...
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