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Part 1 Business Description Content PROJECT BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: You have been contracted to develop a database system for a small company. This company makes several products that it sells to customers. REQUIREMENTS: Company Description: 1. Determine the name of the company, and the products that the company will sell. Include at least four products. 2. Briefly describe the company: how many employees, where it is located, etc…< /span> 3. Describe why this company needs this system. 4. Describe the people who will use this system (end-users). For example, clerks, supervisors, managers, customers, etc. 5. Entity Relationship diagram (ERD): Using the information below, develop an ERD for your company. If an identifier is not specifically mentioned, create one! Make sure that you include identifiers for the associative entities also. Use the following information to determine primary and foreign keys as well as modality and cardinality between entities: •Each Employee is assigned to a Department. There are four departments: Administration, Sales,
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