program 5 - Programming Assignment #5 COP 3330 Summer 2011...

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1 Title: “Program Assignment 5: Advanced GUI-based Programming” Points: 100 points total Due Date: August 1, 2011 by 11:55pm WebCourses time Objectives: (1) Learning to use more advanced layout managers for GUI- based applications in Java. (2) Incorporating exception handling for more robust program execution. (3) Develop further understanding of object-oriented programming concepts. Description: In this programming assignment, you will write a GUI-based event- driven application program. In this GUI-based application you will implement a program that converts temperatures from one temperature scale into other temperature scales. You’re probably quite familiar with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales, but in this application you’ll also be using the Kelvin and Newton scales. You’ll be using both the BorderLayout and GridLayout managers in this application. The overall GUI will use the BorderLayout and the various panels will use the GridLayout. See the image below for an idea of how the various panels are placed into the overall window. The North area of the border layout contains only JLabels used as a header for
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program 5 - Programming Assignment #5 COP 3330 Summer 2011...

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