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Project part 1 Solution Spring 2011

Project part 1 Solution Spring 2011 - Product PK ProductNbr...

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Project Part 1 Solution Employees PK EmployeeId EmpName EmpAddr DateOfHire DateOfBirth JobTitle Salary FK1 DeptNbr FK2 Manager Department PK DeptNbr DeptName DeptFax DeptPhone has Calls PK CallID FK3 ProductNbr FK2 CustID Date Time ProblemDescr Resolution FK1 EmployeeId Customer PK CustID CustName CustAddr CreditLimit CurrentBalance
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Unformatted text preview: Product PK ProductNbr PoductName ProductLocation QtyOnHand ReorderQty Cost MSRP has has has Sale PK SalesOrderNbr FK1 CustID FK2 EmployeeId Date SaleProduct PK,FK1 SalesOrderNbr PK,FK2 ProductNbr Qty UnitPrice has has has has manages...
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