Project Part 2 - referential integrity constraints as...

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Part 2: Requirements and Submission Information (see Schedule for due date) Create the Logical Data Structures and outline your assumptions and business  rules. 1. Use project part 1 solution found on WebCT for Part 2. 2. Create logical data structures for entities from Part 1. Use the steps outlined in  the document  Sample Data Structure Form . You require data structures for the following entities: o Call o Customer o Employee o Department o Product o Sale o Sale_Product 3. For each data structure, include a  Data Structures Form  that lists all of the  assumptions and business rules  relating to the data structures. (Copy of this  form and sample completed form are provided for download in this section of this  project.) Use this page to specify assumptions for cardinality, modality and 
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Unformatted text preview: referential integrity constraints as needed. Use the following definition of referential integrity constraint: A constraint (rule) that specifies that the value or existence of an attribute in one relation depends on the value or existence of a primary key in another relation. Example : Admitting_Physician in Patient must exist in Physician 4. Submit Part 2 o In your word processor, open the document from Part 1 returned by the instructor. o Insert the pages for the logical data structures. There will be one page for each data structure. o Save the modified document. Note only submit one document for all entities o Attach the document to the Assignment for Part 2 of the Project. o Submit by due date....
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Project Part 2 - referential integrity constraints as...

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