Outline for British industrial revolution 1750-1830

Outline for British industrial revolution 1750-1830 - A...

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Outline British Industrial Revolution 1750 - 1830 I.Introduction A. What is industrial Revolution B. How did the industrial Revolution affect Great Britain? C. How did the industrial Revolution bring changes to other countries? A. How did the industrial revolution create industrialized society? B. What was the progress in technology? C. What was the effect of industrial revolution on population? III.Industrial revolution inventions and political growth to the economy
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Unformatted text preview: A. What inventions did the industrial revolution bring? B. What politics did the industrial revolution bring to the economy? C. Did the industrial revolution affect the output growth rate per capita and why? IV.Impact of new technology and accidental innovations A. What impact did the new technologies develop on the production process? B. What feedback did the accidental innovations have on the pre-industrial era C. What was the reasons for the total factor productivity growth V.Conclusion...
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