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if i would have one superpower it would be to continue my education finishing up my bachelors and pursuing on with my masters. Education is my strongest mark in my life and before my father passed i promised to finish and become a success in my studies. the superpower would be on of the greatest accomplishments i could recieve because it would help me out a great deal. i have struggled for the pass three years getting my life on track in which i have a lot of responsiblities and demands. somehow i try to make everything work because i am a single woman with no children that works a full time job and yet fines the time to go to school in the evenings full time. if there is anyone who deserves and break its me
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Unformatted text preview: because i am a very hard worker, who strives for what she wants and its very dedicated to my studies. Three years ago i almost lost my life because of a botch surgery and even though i was in a bad state, as in i could walk our help myself i still fought because i knew it wasn't my time to die even thougt the doctors said i wasn't going to make it. Now i am walking, helping myself going to work full time and i still manage going back to school full time to continue my studies even though everyone said i was crazy. I believe if anyone deserves a chance on recieving a superpower it me because i will use it for great accomplishments....
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