ECON 2431- final

ECON 2431- final - b. How can private providers overcome...

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ECON 2431 – Economics of Taxation and Government Spending Fall 2009 Professor: Dr. Kwamie Dunbar, Ph.D. Final Exam: Thursday Dec 10 at 6pm in Room DWT258 Chapter 5 Externalities – Problems and Solutions 1. When do externalities cause private markets to fail, and what tools does government have to combat this failure. 2. Externality Theory 3. Private sector Solutions to Negative Externalities 4. Public Sector remedies for externalities 5. Distinction between price and quantity approaches to addressing externalities. Chapter 6 Externalities in action – Environmental and health externalities. 1. Acid Rain a. Damage of Acid Rain b. History of acid rain regulation c. Empirical evidence 2. Global warming a. Kyoto Treaty b. Could trading make Kyoto more Cost-Effective c. What does the future hold 3. The economics of smoking a. The externality of smoking b. Should we care about the externality. Chapter 7 Public Goods 1. Optimal provision of public goods 2. Optimal Provision of private goods 3. Private provisions of public goods a. The free rider problem
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Unformatted text preview: b. How can private providers overcome the free rider problem 4. Public provision of public goods Chapter 8 Cost Benefit Analysis 1. Measuring the cost of Public Projects a. Valuing Lives b. Discounted Future Benefits c. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Chapter 9 Political Economy 2. Lindahl Pricing 3. Problems with Lindahl pricing 4. Mechanisms for aggregating individual preferences a. Majority voting b. Restricting preferences to solve the impossibility problem Chapter 14 Unemployment Insurance, Disability insurance and workers compensation 1. Institutional features of unemployment insurance, disability insurance and workers compensation 2. Consumption smoothing benefits of social programs 3. Moral hazard effects of social insurance programs 4. The cost and benefits of social insurance programs Chapter 15 Health Insurance, Health Economics and Private Health Insurance 1. Overview of U.S. Healthcare 2. How generous should health care be to patients...
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ECON 2431- final - b. How can private providers overcome...

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