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Jennifer Edwards English 2203W Prof. Bedore The Thoughts and Troubles of Darl Bundren “As I Lay Dying” is a very good story that has several narrators. In the story, the person that captivated me the most was Darl Bundren. Darls’ monologue is very strong in the story because he talks from an insight perspective as first and third person. Also in the story Darl is portrayed as being insane but there could be another reason in which he acted the way he did. The first reason why I picked Darl was because of his visions that he was having of his mothers’ death even though he was not physically in her presence. On page 1876 Darl tells us that at the death of Addie, "Dewey Dell leaned above the bed, her hands lifted a little, the fan still moving like it has for ten days, she been to keen.” Darl is giving us a vision of how Dewey Dell is reacting to Addies’ death. Darl Thoughts and visions are very unique as if he is can tell the future. On (page 1875) Darl says’ ”Pa stand beside the bed. From behind his leg Vardaman peers, with his round head and his eyes round and his mouth beginning to open. She looks at pa; all her failing life appears to drain into her eyes, urgent, irremediable.” In reading my thoughts are is this a vision or is Darl actually standing there while this is happening. Well we do know that Darl and Jewel went away on a job for three dollar and is not back yet, but in there is at part in this same section where Darl says “ it’s Jewel she want says Dewey
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Dell”. So we do know that she want Jewels, but She nor Darl is not there so this tells me he isn’t there in the room with them. So how do I explain the fact that he is talking by vision or he could be talking in third person? Maybe Darl is repeating what someone else told him about the action in the room around Addie’s bed. Darl in this case is talking in first person because he is describing how he and Tull are sitting on the back porch in the beginning of the story. He also stated that he and jewel are making a delivery for Tull that would pay three dollars. The story didn’t have one permanent narrator throughout the story but plenty of protagonists, which were Cora, Jewel, Darl, Anse, Tull and More. In the story on (page 1868) Dewey Dell stated, “ He knew without the words like he told me that ma is going to die without words, and I knew
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draft2 - Jennifer Edwards English 2203W Prof. Bedore The...

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