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City Lights Gallery - Community College it was Professor...

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Jennifer Edwards Art Appreciation Prof. Reed August 19, 2010 City Lights Gallery My visit was to the City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As I entered the gallery I spoke to a woman named Susan. I told Susan that I was a student at University of Connecticut Stamford and I was sent by Professor Reed for a project and she knew exactly who I was talking about, so she let me in to look around. As I was in the gallery I notice many painting, collages, pictures and sculptures that were amazing. I also notice that all the art had names and prices of how much each piece would be sold. So I called Susan to ask her why these pieces would be sold for the amount seen on the wall. As I am captivated by the paintings I saw a name a name that was familiar to me, it was my old professor from Housatonic
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Unformatted text preview: Community College it was Professor Brennan he had two paintings to be very outstanding with a real effect of the outside. My next painting that I thought was really good was the Harvest collage by Betty Crumley. Her painting was of a woman sitting down with a basket of fruits and jewels. I felt that the painting was very unique and I think it was being sold for twenty five hundred dollars. As I was finish looking around I thank Susan and I told her I was leaving where she gave me two invites to upcoming events. In conclusion, I realized how much paintings are great materials to express your thoughts. When the artists has a vision their visions seems to come out in the artist style of painting....
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City Lights Gallery - Community College it was Professor...

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