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The Difference between sisters

The Difference between sisters -...

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[email protected] Jennifer Edwards English 2203W Prof. Pamela Bedore August 11, 2010 Loneliness and Desire Stella Vs. Blanche “A Streetcar Named Desire” is a play by Tennessee Williams, Which is about domestic violence. The play starts by Blanche go to visit her sister Stella in New Orleans. Both sisters have issue that will rise to the surface. Stella who is the older sister who has issues of domestic violence, where she is beaten by her husband Stanley. Blanche on the other-hand has a list of problems from lying to finding love. Stella was married to Stanley who was a control freak that always tries to control her in every kind of
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way. Even though he loves Stella all he cared about was his own selfish ways. In Stellas’ own way she seems to be lonely and she has a desire to leave Stanley, but the thought of taking care of her played a big part of why she doesn’t leave him. Loneliness and desires is very strong and a big part of Stellas’ life, but she still didn’t have anyone to count on the help her if she would follow her desire. Blanche the sister who pretends like a southern bell but in new New Orleans it doesn’t mean a thing.
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