Aug. 31 - - The pronoun "one" is...

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August 31 Subjects and Objects HOT TOPICS - Barbecue ...NOT barbecue or Bar-B-Q - Baloney ...foolish talk. ..Bo - logna ...lunch meat - Affect ...verb meaning to influence - Effect ...verb meaning cause/noun. ..result - Because ...denotes cause-effect - Since ...used when the first event in a sequence leads to second but was not the direct cause "They went to the store, since they were out of food." - Irregardless. ..not a word! Use re - gardless - Completely destroy. ..use destroy - Died suddenly. ..use died - Dead body. ..use body - Currently/now. ..use now - Each ...singular "Each is going to the mall." Memory device: - If they share the items, they share an apostrophe. Antecedent
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- Noun or Pronoun to which a pronoun refers Person, Gender, Number Agreement in person
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Unformatted text preview: - The pronoun "one" is tricky If the antecedent is "one" -- the pronoun must be "one". "One must do what one is told." Agreement in number- Collective nouns that name a group are singular as long as that group functions as unit- If members function individually, use plural Agreement in Gender- Don't be sexist Who/Whom Rule- Who wrote the book? or Whom wrote the book?- He/who- Him/whom "A pronoun following as or than at the end of a sentence is usually in the nominative case."- You are as smart as (she/he).- Above sentence has an understood verb (is)- You are as smart as she (is) . One- Only personal pronoun that uses ('s) in its possessive Company- Always abbreviate IF company comes last !...
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Aug. 31 - - The pronoun "one" is...

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