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Chapter 2 Reading Guide What is propaganda ? What were the: Payne Fund Studies What did they study? Main fndings People ʼ s Choice study What did it study? Main fndings What are opinion leaders and two-step fow ? Psychological consistency Selective exposure Selective perception Selective retention “Why We Fight” flms (American Soldier Studies) What did they suggest about media e±±ects? National Commission on the Causes and Prevention o± Violence
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Unformatted text preview: • What were its fndings on TV violence? • Desensitation • What is random sampling ? • What is a theory ? • Flow theories – Bullet theory – Two-step fow – Multistep fow Social learning theory (modeling) – Modeling – Socialization • George Gerbner and his cultivation theory • Agenda-setting theory • Cumulative e±±ects theory • Uses and grati²cation theory • Third-person e±±ect • Catharsis theory...
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