Media4 - – Production • Photo-oFFset printing •...

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Chapter 4 Reading Guide Early newspapers Where was the frst newspaper? What was America ʼ s frst newspaper? What is seditious libel? Know the Zenger case and Freedom oF the press What was the partisan press? Know about the penny press Benjamin Day and New York Sun What is the Associated Press and why was it Formed? Objectivity What is the inverted pyramid style oF writing? Yellow journalism William Randolph Hearst Joseph Pulitzer Tabloids What was the frst? Publication patterns More morning or evening newspapers? USA Today What are the other three national dailies? Ethnic press – What are the three types included in the book? Newspaper departments – Editorial staFF • Editor-in-chieF • Managing editor • Beat reporters • General-assignment reporters • Op-ed page – Advertising – Circulation
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Unformatted text preview: – Production • Photo-oFFset printing • ±eature syndicates • Audit Bureau oF Circulation • What is the age oF the average newspaper reader today? • Public journalism • Diversity – Why do we need diversity in newspapers? – What percent oF daily newspaper journalists are AFrican-American, Hispanic, Asian-American or Native American? • Terms: – Alternative press – Beat reporters – Byline – Chain – Circulation department – Editorial page – Ethnic press – Feature news – General assignment reporters – Hard news – Inverted pyramid – Investigative journalism – News hole – Newsprint – Op-ed page – Organizational papers – Public journalism – Publisher – Seditious libel – Shoppers – Tabloids – Underground press...
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Media4 - – Production • Photo-oFFset printing •...

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