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Homework06 - the Fermi energy c the relaxation time τ d...

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Homework # 6 (due Thursday, March 3) 1. Show that the kinetic energy of a three-dimensional electron gas of N electrons at zero temperature is U =3/5 NE F . 2. Show that the density of states of a free-electron gas in two dimensions is independent of energy. 3. Fcc Au (cubic lattice parameter a =4.08Å) has electrical resistivity ρ =2.2 µΩ cm at room temperature. Using a free-electron model and assuming one valence electron per atom calculate a) the concentration of the conduction electrons n , b)
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Unformatted text preview: the Fermi energy, c) the relaxation time τ , d) the Fermi velocity v F , e) the mean free path l , f) the electronic heat capacity per atom at room temperature. 4. The residual resistivity for 1 atomic percent of As impurities in Cu is 6.8 µΩ cm. Calculate the cross section for the scattering of an electron by one As impurity in Cu. Use a free-electron model assuming that Cu has the fcc structure with the cubic lattice parameter a =3.62Å and one valence electron per atom....
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