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Homework # 8 (due Thursday, 7 April) 1. A two-dimensional metal has one atom of valence one in a simple rectangular primitive cell of a 1 = 2Å and a 2 = 4Å. (a) Draw the first and the second Brillouin zones. (b) Calculate the radius of the free electron Fermi sphere and draw this sphere to scale on the drawing of the Brillouin zones. (c) Draw the Fermi surface in reduced zone scheme and show schematically the effect of a weak crystal potential.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Suppose that some atoms in a Cu crystal, which has an fcc lattice, are gradually replaced by Zn atoms. Considering that Zn is divalent while Cu is monovalent, calculate the atomic ratio of Zn to Cu in a CuZn alloy (brass) at which the Fermi sphere touches the zone faces. Use the free-electron model. This particular alloy is interesting because the solid undergoes a structural phase change at this concentration ratio....
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