Competing interps - Blake Debate File Title Page 1 of 1 VBI 2009 COMPETING INTERPS GOOD A Interpretation The judge must evaluate theory through a

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Blake Debate File Title VBI 2009 Page 1 of 1 COMPETING INTERPS GOOD (__) A. Interpretation – The judge must evaluate theory through a competing interpretations framework B. Standards _____ It's not what you do it's what you justify – Theory is a question of determining the best set of rules for debate. Any other framework fails to take this into account. _____ Reasonability is arbitrary – There's no brightline for what's "reasonable" making it a cry for judge intervention. AND, I don't think they're reasonable – shows how dumb reasonability is. _____ Reasonability is a race to the bottom - by setting a threshold for what's acceptable aff ground, affs will be incentivised to pick interpretations of the topic closest to that threshold since there's no threat of them losing to theory _____ Reasonability forces unstrategic decisionmaking – It forces debaters to run arguments/positions that don't link in order to prove why they aren't reasonable. Competing interps allows debaters to use potential abuse allowing them to check back abuse strategies
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