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Emanuel a. interpretation: all counterplans must be unconditional. b. I meet c. standards: 1. Time skew. He can invalidate all the arguments I make on the counterplan by kicking it. This means I have less time as my time was wasted on the counterplan. This is unfair because he has more time to make arguments than I do. It makes it easier for him to win as he can make more and better arguments 2. Offense ground. Since he can kick the counterplan at any time I can't gain offense from the turns that I make since once the counterplan is kicked they will not matter as the action is not being taken. Aff turn ground is important because otherwise the aff's chances for winning are minimized and can only go for one strategy, extending the ac. This means the neg can only run
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Unformatted text preview: defense arguments against the ac and the aff will have no chance of winning. This is unfair because it gives more opportunities to win to the neg giving them better chances to win. 3. Strategy skew. Because he can kick the counterplan my strategy must change. I can't predict what he is going to go for in the next speech so I must go for everything. This is unfair because when he is a moving target I cannot make as substantive or as good responses to each argument because I must respond to all of them. This makes it easy for him to simply go for one of them and win since my offense and defense was spread thin. This is uneducational because I do not learn about a myraid of interesting arguments rather only the same stock arguments that we already know....
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