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Descriptive Interpretations Bad

Descriptive Interpretations Bad - Bobby Esnard A...

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Bobby Esnard A. Interpretation: We must interpret the resolution as a prescriptive statement. . B. Violation: My opponent interprets the resolution as a descriptive statement. C. Standards: a. Equitable division of ground. Interpreting the resolution as a descriptive statement skews ground in favor of the negative because there are always more ways to say that something is false than to say that it is true in that proving any part of the resolution false is sufficient to reject the whole as false. A prescriptive interpretation eliminates this problem by forcing both debaters to defend competing policy options. Equitable division of ground is key to fairness because the debater who has more potential arguments to make is at an inherent competitive advantage. It is key to education because the only way to be well informed about the resolution is to learn equally about all potential sides and advocacies else we would not learn about an issue as a whole and only about one particular view of that issue.
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