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Bronx Science AE A: Counter-interpretation: Neg may run one conditional CP. B: I meet C. Standards: 1) Real-world decision making: Legislators in the real world are allowed to propose and drop new bills all the time in light of new evidence as to the harms and benefits of the bill. Real- world decision making is the most important standard in the round since the judge ought to be regarded as a decision-maker in the real world. Real-world decision making links to education. Paul Strait and Brett Wallace 1 write: Our concern is finding a framework for debate that educates the largest quantity of students with the highest quality of skills, while at the same time pre- serving competitive equity. The ability to make decisions deriving from discussions, argumentation or debate, is the key skill. It is one thing every single one of us will do every day of our lives besides breathing. Decision -making transcends boundaries between categories of learn- ing like "policy education" and "kritik education," it makes irrelevant
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