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Exclusive PICs good - b Moving target i Allowing the Aff to...

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Exclusive PICs good. A) Counter interpretation. a. Running one PIC is legitimate negative ground. b. Running one PIC is legitimate negative strategy. B) I meet. C) Standards a. Textual accuracy. i. The resolution specifies Aff ground very clearly, so everything but the resolutional action is legitimate negative ground. As such, it is the burden of the Aff to defend the entirety of the resolutional action, so If negative proves that performing the resolution in its entirety is bad, then you would negate. ii. This is key to fairness because if the Aff was allowed to pick and choose the pieces of the resolutional action to defend, it defeats the entire purpose of having a resolutional action in the first place. This is also key to education because the textual accuracy is the basis of all topic specific research, so if textual accuracy wasn’t important it would skew all research ground.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Moving target. i. Allowing the Aff to just kick out of harms to their advocacy by claiming that Exclusive PICs are illegitimate skews negative strategy by disallowing the negative from indicting these harms to prove the aff advocacy is bad. Exclusive PICs function in the same way as other negative counter plans in indicting and solving these harms. This leads to strategy skew because if the Aff is just allowed to shift out of harms, then the negative can never formulate legitimate strategy. ii. Strategy is key to fairness because it is what determines the combination of arguments one can make to win the debate, and if that is skewed, then one has no chance of recovering. Strategy is key to education because it adds an extra layer of learning to debate, from purely research to the basis of argumentation and tactical decision making....
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