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Extratopicality Bad A. Interpretation: Debaters must have impacts that are specific to the extent of resolutional fiat B. Violation: My opponent claims access to extratopical benefits and uses it to leverage their offense. Specifically… C. Standards (1) Ground. By claiming access to extratopical advantages, they explode their ground. I have to debate not only the resolution but also whatever tangentially related benefits they choose to debate. Equal ground is key to fairness because if both debaters don’t start out on equal ground, there’s no way to fairly engage in the debate. (2) Predictability. There are an infinite number of potential advocacies that my opponent can advocate if they are allowed to be extratopical because they are not bound solely to the text of the resolution. As a result, I have no way to predict what they might run walking into the round. Furthermore, I have no way of knowing how the extratopical actions taken will interact with the action of the resolution. Predictability is key to
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