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Nick Falba Fairness is a voter. Fairness is a voter because it key to any competitive activity by checking any advantages that one side may have and maintains competitiveness by ensuring that each side has an equal opportunity of winning. Fairness is a gateway issue, which means it should be evaluated before all other arguments, because the ballot is meaningless in a context where the judge is asked not to vote for the person who did the better debating, but for the one who essentially makes the decision predetermined by framing the debate unfairly. You
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Unformatted text preview: should vote for me to rectify the unfairness caused by the violation. Furthermore, vote my opponent down for violating fairness so that it will deter him from continuing this abuse in later rounds and deter a trend of abusive arguments from starting. Additionally, allowing my opponent to kick the interpretation does not reverse the abuse because I lost time which I could have used to engage the arguments substantively....
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