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Fairness is an Internal Link to Education

Fairness is an Internal Link to Education - FAIRNESS IS AN...

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FAIRNESS IS AN INTERNAL LINK TO EDUCATION - Ellie 1. Fairness is the only way to have access to skills education, which is distinct from topic education. Fairness ensures that every round we can learn and practice general debate skills. When there is abuse in round, I either a) am limited severely in my argumentation, preventing me from learning from the round or b) I have to utilize theory as a mechanism to combat this abuse, thereby preventing me from learning about debate skills exclusive to the substance in the round such as counter plans and disadvantages. Skills education is more important than topic education because if we debated to learn about the resolutional topic, we might as well just read books and not debate. 2. Fairness is a precondition to debate existing as an educational activity. If debate weren’t fair the majority of the debate community would cease to take part in the activity since all their efforts would be futile. For instance, if effort and preparation for tournaments no
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