PCCs bad - hassin plan-contingent counterplans bad v 1.0...

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hassin plan-contingent counterplans bad v 1.0 Interpretation: Plan-inclusive counterplans must be plan-minus. violation: The neg runs a plan-contingent counterplan (study, consult, delay) Reasons to prefer: 1. Research burdens: If PCCs are legitimate, the aff research burden is impossible. Phil Kerpen 1 writes: Phil Kerpen. June 2002. [policy debate theorist, frequent judge, and operator ofcross-x.com and hsdebate.com.] “The Problems of Plan-Condition Counterplans.” NDCA Newsletter. http://www.philkerpen.com/?q=node/7 MH The consequences of accepting the severs immediacy argument, and of accepting PCCs in general, is that the 1AC is essentially a wasted speech. In the world of PCCs, even the smallest disadvantage is a reason to vote negative, because the negative can always over a PCC that makes passage ofthe plan contingent on the brink of the disadvantage. Moreover, The astonishing breadth of potential antecedents for PCCs makes preparation for all of them impossible--the antecedent could be consultation with any country on the planet, studies by any number of experts, referendums, delays for any number of causes, etc. If PCCs are acceptable, the negative should always win on the following argument: Counterplan: The USFG should enter into prior binding consultation with the aff solvency authors on whether or not to do the plan. The USFGshould then implement all of their recommendations.
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PCCs bad - hassin plan-contingent counterplans bad v 1.0...

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