Perms - TT A. Interpretation- permutations cannot sever the...

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TT A. Interpretation- permutations cannot sever the affirmative plan/resolution text B. Violation- the affirmative permutation severs the affirmative text (either textually or functionally) C. Standards a. Predictability- Severance permutations kick out a part of the affirmative text that the negative counterplan solves or the negative places a disadvantage on. The negative has no way to predict severance permutations because the NC has spent time on attacking the affirmative case. Severence permutations are unpredictable for both debaters because the AC has the opportunity to choose in the middle of the debate to no longer advocate the entire resolution. b. Ground- Permutations are another advocacy choice for the affirmative just as the status quo is for the negative, but severing the affirmative resolution decreases ground the AC has to defend and that the NC gains offense for . NC offense-turns, disadvantages, theory- link to the severed affirmative resolution, which after the permutation, the AC does not have to defend. Delinking from NC offense instead of responding hurts Neg ground. c. Strategy skew- NC spends time on the entire AC case. Kicking out of NC offense during the middle of the round skews NC strategy. Permutations can either be a test of competition or an alternative advocacy, but it cannot delink from NC offense by functionally or textually severing a part of the affirmative resolution d. Time skew- The NC spends substantial time setting up a strategy in the NC- like counterplan and disadvantages. These arguments are essential for NC offense, and severance permutations skew the NC’s time in setting up the strategy in the NC. D. Voters
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Perms - TT A. Interpretation- permutations cannot sever the...

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