RVI bad - Theory should not be a reverse voting issue...

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Theory should not be a reverse voting issue unless they win an offensive counterinterpretaton proving that I am abusive myself. 1. Theory is used as punishment for three reasons. A) Thoery acts as a deterrent. Doug Sigel writes, 1 First, most central to the entire notion of punishment is the deterrent view. Just as we punish criminals to deter crime, we should punish debaters who injure the debate process. A ballot that says "I think you may have won that second DA--but I voted against you based on the illegitimacy of the conditional counterplans you ran" sends a strong message to the teams involved and other participants in the activity that there are high costs of abusive strategies. There does seem to be merit to the negative reinforcement approach to debate. The arguments and styles that are successful are copied; those that aren't are shunned. While the decision in one round can't by itself fundamentally change debate, a general trend can be initiated and/or reinforced by a decision . The experience of this author has been that, at least in college debate, the threat of punishment now hangs over teams using strategies and styles that are generally regarded as illegitimate. Deterrence seems especially applicable to the debate setting because the participants have control over their practices. We all practice judge analysis, trying to adapt to the inevitable likes and dislikes of even the most tabula rasa critic. The feedback a punishment decision provides is direct: everyone is given notice that the winning team will and can win rounds in the face of abusive debating and that the judge involved will vote against such
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RVI bad - Theory should not be a reverse voting issue...

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