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T - Dispositional CPs Bad - 2 Strategy skew a Both debaters...

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A: Interpretation The negative should not be able to run a dispositional counter-plan. B: Violation He/she specifies the counter-plan as dispositional. C: Standards 1. Ground a. Each side should have access to all types of argumentation, not just traditional offense and defense. Dispositional counter-plans prevent this access, as the affirmative is unable to run theory against, straight turn, or permute the counter-plan, as such would allow the negative to kick the counter-plan, and any other offense or defense on it. b. Ground is key to fairness as each debater is given an equal number of avenues to win. Otherwise, one side would have the advantage of accessing all argumentation, while the other is limited to one or two types. It is also key to education as it exposes the debaters to the different logical approaches each type of argument relies upon.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Strategy skew. a. Both debaters should have a reasonable expectation of understanding how the arguments in the round will interact, i.e. under what conditions a counter-plan may be kicked. Even if the negative specified those conditions, they ought be rejected as they skew my ability to run the arguments that I want because I don’t know if I will win the theory argument that will take out the counter-plan. b. Strategy skew is key to fairness as each side is able to run arguments that can predictably win them the round, otherwise all of one side’s arguments could become irrelevant. It is also key to education as the only way to check back, minus theory, is to simply not make arguments that are likely to become irrelevant. Doing so would deny the debaters exposure to the educational value of these arguments....
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