Chengaoci - ACCOUNTING The student is ultimately...

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Bachelors of Science in Management Major: Accounting Minimum Credit hours: 124 Management Admissions Index (MAI) MAI 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Natural Science 2. Natural Science 3. Psychology or Sociology 4. Literature or Fine Arts 5. World History 6. International Elective 7. International Elective GRADUATION INDEX REQUIREMENTS ** Prerequisites appear in ( ) Graduation Index: 2.0 minimum # This course is non-repeatable. Major (MGMT/ECON/OBHR) Index: 2.0 minimum *PU* These courses must be taken at a Purdue University 6/8/2011 CS 23500 (MA 15400 or higher) *PU* Refer to for a complete list of course descriptions, prerequisites and concentration requirements. Macroeconomics ECON 25200 Business Writing ENGL 42000 (ENGL 10600/ENGL 10800) Management Lectures MGMT 10000 # (not required for CODO or transfer students) General Education Electives STAT 22500 (MA 22400) MGMT 20100 ("C" or higher in MGMT 20000) Accounting Core Intro to Probability Models Management Accounting I Organizational Computing COM 11400 Introductory Accounting MGMT 20000 *PU* Microeconomics ECON 25100 *PU* Fundamentals of Speech Introductory Analysis I Introductory Analysis II MA 22400 (MA 22300) First Year Composition ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800 Math courses numbered below your highest level of recorded achievement may not be retaken. School of Management, MAI, concentration and minor courses in which you earn an "F" can only be retaken at Purdue University, West Lafayette. Previous enrollments in MA 16100,16200,16500,16600 do not count against the retake policy if a Change Of Degree Objective occurs.
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Chengaoci - ACCOUNTING The student is ultimately...

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