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! 1 I : , i , ! ' i GOMES EANNES DE AZURARA " t ' I. ,1. .' '11: Why Prince Henry the Navigator ill; Decided to Explore Africa ' I t , f:. .'(:"1 :.~c ,', . ;1 I . " ! tc 'c , .I t I" ,I j~}' Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460), fifth son of KingJohn IofPortu- (.:1: gal, was Europe's great~st patron of naval explorati~n and the most impor- ti ! : tant precursor of Ferdznand and Isabella of SpaIn, who sponsored the tt-: voyages of Christop~er Colu~bus. From his res~dence on.the Sagres penin- 111 sula near Cape St. VIncent, PrInce Henry organIzed a serIes of voyages that U~" e~lored the islands of the Atlantic and the coast of Africa as far south as ll~ SIerra Leone. Between 1420 and 1460 the Azores, the Canary Islands, and 1 f11 M~deira were discovered and settled,by Portugu~se fishermen a~d sailors. 111 PrInce Henry replaced the casual fishmg and tradIng voyages typzcal of the rf1! early fifteenth century with a systematic program of progressive exploration (i1 much further south. He has sometimes been described as a Renaissance 1 '1 humanistic prince, seeking to exploit the knowledge of the ancients and ti mode~ sciences to increas.e his.power, but there is l~ttle to support this inter- 1 pr~ta.tzon, and modern hzst?rzans tend to place hIs mental outlook firmly t;it' wzthm that of the late-MedIeval world. l1c; The selection given here is a passage from a contemporary report written I;" by the Portuguese royal chronicler, Azurara (orZurara, 1410-20 to 1473-74), '!f. .' in which the courtier seeks to explain the motives that led Henry to explore f't ~he African coast: The ch:onicle: stresses Henry's ~at~olic pie~y, his crusad- l,j mg fervor, and hzs obsesszve deszre to fulfill the predzctzons of hzs horoscope- ,jtc all good late-Medieval motives. " ." l; )0,; .,; 1'c .1, We imagine that we know a matter when we are acquainted with the : doer of it and the end for which he did it. And since in former chapters we have set forth the Lord Infant as the chief actor in these things, giving as clear an understanding of him as we could, it is meet that in this pres- t ent chapter we should know his purpose in doing them. And you should "Why Prince Henry the Navigator Decided to Explore Africa," by Gomes Eannes de Azurara, reprinted from The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of
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RelativeResourceManager2 - ! 1 : I , i ,' ! GOMES EANNES i...

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