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Unformatted text preview: -- CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: Letter on His First Voyage 33 sack in front, and the hinder part reaches to the mannered. In matters of which they have no ex- ground, and waggles like a tail-the most comical . perience they are credulous and awkward, but in thing to be seen in the world, They would come those to which they are accustomed they are the in these wide petticoats with these tails and ask us equal of our skilled men, They are talkative, and if we had ever seen a more beautiful dress or fash- never at a loss for something to say: in general ion: for they hold it for certain that they are the they are great liars and cheats: but on the other most beautiful garments in the world, Their hand, charitable, receiving strangers willingly, and women, both married and single, al1 go covered providing a night's lodging and one or two meals with girdles, below which they wear a sheet of without any charge, these cotton strips bound across, half way down * * * their legs. Men and women always go barefoot, They wear nothing on their heads: the hair of both sexes is fashioned into neat tresses arranged in various styles, though their hair by nature is no REVIEW QUESTIONS longer than a span, You must know also that the . men of these lands perform many women's tasks, 1. What does da Mosto's account reveal about the such as spinning, washing clothes and such things. earliest phases of the Mrican slave trade? It is always very hot there, and the further one 2. His description of the silent trade is the first goes inland, the greater the heat: by comparison, extended account we have of this remarkable it is no colder in these parts in January than it is type of barter, How plausible is this account" in April in our country of Italy, and what might it teach the economic historian about markets? Men Clean in Their Persons 3, Alvise da Mosto was also the first European d F ' lth ° E t o ethnographer of the Wolof, What types of bias an I Y In a In g d . d 'd h b ' h .. f th an questions 1 e rmg to IS vIew 0 e The men and women are clean in their persons, Wolof? What contrasts are there in the way he since they wash themselves all over four or five described them to the way William of Rubruck times a day: but in eating they are filthy, and ill- described the Mongols? o CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS letter on His First Voyage Christopher Columbus (c. 1450-1506) was born somewhere around Genoa and from an early age made his living as a sailor, Columbus saw much of the Mediter- ranean and Atlantic world and acquired real skill as a mapmaker and navigator. Self-taught in geography, Columbus developed a theory of the globe's size that made sailing across the Atlantic to China and Japan a daring but plausible adventure....
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RelativeResourceManager3 - CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Letter on...

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