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COMMUNICATION 114 REQUEST FOR DEPARTMENTAL CREDIT WITHOUT EXAM To qualify for Com 114 Departmental Credit without Exam, the student must: (1) Have two semesters of high school speech. These must be academic classes, not speech team, debate club, etc. Only those academic classes with “speech,” “forensics,” “debate,” or “public speaking” in the titles are acceptable. (2) Have grades of B or better for each semester (not a B average for the two courses). (3) Have a verbal SAT score of 550 or higher or an ACT score in English of 24. See your academic counselor for an application for credit without exam. Date/Time:______________________________________________________________ Student’s name:__________________________________________________________ Student’s ID number:______________________________________________________ School:_________________________________________________________________ Student’s score on SAT verbal or ACT English:________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Student has proof of high school speech classes: Yes ____ SAT/ACT scores Yes _______ Advisor’s printed name:____________________________________________________ Advisor’s signature________________________________________________________ Advisors’ telephone number:________________________________________________ Best Contact Info* (phone/e-mail):___________________________________________ The student should bring this form to the main Communication Office, 2114 Liberal Arts and Education Building together with evidence of high school academic speech-communication courses and SAT/ACT scores. You will be notified to confirm that your paperwork is in order or if there are any problems with your documentation. No student currently enrolled in Com. 114 is eligible for Departmental Credit without exam. G:\Shared Drive\Front Office\Forms\Com 114 Credit Without Exam Created 11/5/01 vjb...
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  • advisor, National Forensic League, World Universities Debating Championship, High School speech, departmental credit

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