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Purdue Alcohol Education Video Hi, I’m Brett Highley, Purdue Student Body President. Class of 2015 congrats on becoming a boilermaker! Along with the hard work. .. and the building of new relationships… comes responsibility. Welcome! Hi, I’m Rob Henry, sophomore, Boilermaker Football Hi, I’m Jessica Warren, a Junior and I play soccer Hi, I’m Monica Harvey, Purdue Senior and Purdue Student body Vice President I’m Imani Cobb. I’m a senior and a RA at Shreve Hall I’m Nikki Nunn, sophomore – Track and Field Hey, Alcohol…. Impacts your mind and body . “Alcohol Edu” is a web-based alcohol use prevention program. .. that helps educate students like you and me. Staying in the game is important. You can be one of the many Purdue University students who chooses not to use alcohol. You’ll definitely experience a lot during your first year at Purdue.
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Unformatted text preview: This may include alcohol or it may not . If you choose not to drinkyoure not alone. The path you choose while here at Purdue will lead you to amazing places . But dont kid yourself; your choices now will follow you for the rest of your life. Whether or not you decide to drink, ALCOHOL-EDU will help empower you to make good decisions and thats gonna help you cope with drinking behaviors of other students. Because if you dont drinkyoull know someone who does. Why not be a leader while youre here at Purdue? Set an Example. Make good decisions. So be a responsible boilermaker! Be better informed! Empower Yourself! Find your path! And Boiler up! Hey its a ll on-line Alcohol EDU. .. make your time on campus a good memory! Hail Purdue...
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