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BiologyApril16th2007 - D ustin Lee 27.1q1-3 27.3q1-4 Block...

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Dustin Lee 27.1q1-3 & 27.3q1-4 Block C: Biology 1. Knowing anatomy is important to understanding physiology. The anatomy is what a part of the body is made out of. The physiology is what the part of the body does. 2. The five levels of structure in the human body from smallest to largest are: cell, tissue, organ, organ system, and organism. 3. Integumentary System Covers the body and protects is from injury, infection, excessive heat, or cold, and drying out Skeletal System Provides body support, protects certain organs such as the brain and lungs, and works with the muscular system in body movements Digestive System Ingests food, breaks it down into smaller chemical units for use by the body, and eliminates undigested material Muscular System Enables body movement and facial expressions essential to human communication Circulatory System Delivers oxygen and nutrients to body cells and transports waste products to excretory organs Nervous System Coordinates body’s activities by detecting
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